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100 Students 100 Stories

100 snapshots that offer a glimpse of the real student experience at the University of Chester.

Freia, Chester Business Masters

There’s nothing better than throwing your cap in the air in celebration

Lindsey, BA Marketing Management

I know my Chester story is going to take me on stranger paths and stories untold, but till then I'll just enjoy the journey.

Jake, BA Business Management

I have thoroughly enjoyed studying at the University of Chester.

Kyra, BA Drama and Theatre Studies

My journey studying Drama and Theatre Studies was an adventure!

Jenny, BSc Criminology


Moving to Chester and attending Chester Uni has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Melanie, BSc Geography


Moving into Grosvenor accommodation in first year was equally scary and exciting.

Daniel, BSc Accounting and Finance


- Private group -

I’ve loved it. Chester is a fantastic place to live and study.

Eva, BN Adult Nursing


It’s never too late to start a new career as a nurse.

Lauren, MSc Family and Child Psychology

When you ‘meet’ your favourite behaviourist, B.F. Skinner

Emma, PG Dip Nutrition and Dietetics

My favourite part about studying with Chester definitely has to be my fellow course mates.

Alex, BA English Literature

To commentate our times at the university and as a club we decided to take some pictures

Alice, BA International Business Management

I have just finished my third and final year of International Business Management.

Callum, BSc Games Development

Two years ago I never would have believed that I’d be taking part in the UK Games Fund’s Tranzfuser competition

Izzy, BA Primary Education with QTS

I’m a 1st year Primary Education student, and for the last year I’ve had the privilege of chairing the student council.

Erin, BSc Animal Behaviour and Welfare

Practicals like this remind me why I chose to study Animal Behaviour and Welfare and make it all worthwhile.

Chloe, BSc Forensic Biology

I never thought I would actually feel sad to leave University, but it happened!

Tony, BA International Business Management

I am 2 weeks in and I have gained skills I will take with me for life

Adam, BA Graphic Design


A few weeks ago now, I had my final degree show exhibition showcasing my last project at university and marking an end to my 3 year journey.

Annalyse, BA Dance


I successfully secured my place on a masters. So Chester, you’re not getting rid of me yet!

Peter, BA Sports Journalism

I feel that I am in a much better position in terms of journalistic experience because of the opportunities handed to me

Kesh, BSc Animal Behaviour

I started university in 2017 studying Animal Behaviour, and I absolutely fell in love.

Alfie, BSc Criminology


It almost felt as if three years at the University of Chester were leading up to this moment.

George, BSc Psychology


I have definitely developed my employability skills in terms of preparing my CV to apply for the placement

Lucy, BSc Animal Behaviour and Psychology

I became the club captain of Quidditch because nobody else wanted the daunting role

Alannah, BA Fine Art and Graphic Design

I have learnt a lot and developed my skills even further than before.

Josh, BSc Community Policing and Criminal Investigation

Being part of the University of Chester Warrington Campus has given me some great opportunities

Kayleigh-Ann, BSc Forensic Biology

Working in the lab I have had a hands on experience assisting with the validation of assays developed

Jennifer, BA Drama and Theatre Studies

I have just finished my degree at the University of Chester, and I have made so many amazing memories

Keisha, MSc International Business

Almost a year of being on the MSc International Business course, and it has gone in a flash.

Will, BA Radio Production and Journalism

I can't believe that three years at Chester have gone so quickly!

Jessy, BSc Animal Behaviour

Hi my name’s Jessy and I'm from Belfast.

Megan, BA Events Management and International Tourism Management


- Private group -

I could not imagine studying anywhere but Chester

Jemma, BA International Business Management

A year ago I never would have thought that I would be spending my placement year working at Walt Disney World Florida.

Kieran, BA Digital Photography and Radio Production

It’s been an amazing experience being able to study two subjects

Katy, BSc Psychology


Choosing the University of Chester for me was easy, the campus was amazing, the city even more so

Faye, BSc Psychology


Make up ready for the only showing of Chasing Angels by Kingsway Players.

Jack, BSc Community Policing and Criminal Investigation

I was recently elected the Vice President for Warrington for Chester Students’ Union.

Bronwyn, BA Spanish


A year abroad means a lot of things to a lot of people.

Ellie, BSc Sport and Exercise Sciences

The University of Chester has enabled me to join Quidditch, a sport I never thought I would play.

Amy, MSc Family and Child Psychology

It was one of the best nights I have had during my four years at Chester and I won’t forget it!

Lauren, BA Broadcast Production and Presenting

My main placement provider was the STV network in Scotland

Jamie, BA Graphic Design


This is an example of editorial work that I displayed during my second year at our exhibition.

Emily, BA Politics and Geography

This picture was taken on the second year fieldwork trip to New York City.

Anna, BA Fashion Marketing, and Communication

Hey, I’m Anna and I have just finished my first year

Lisa, BSc Geography


This photo was taken at the University of Chester (UoC) sports presentation evening

Laura, BA Drama and Theatre Studies

I’ve just finished my third year of university studying Drama and Theatre.

Hannah, MRes Gender Studies


It was my presentation during the postgraduate symposium this May

Nicole, BA International Tourism Management

This was my first year at the University of Chester

Courteney, BA Dance


This picture is taken the day I took my final Dance exam.

Megan, BA Media


Completing my dissertation and receiving a first for it definitely has to be one my top achievements

Courtney, BSc Criminology and Psychology

So back in July I applied to work at Walt Disney world on a cultural exchange programme

Jenny, BA Drama and Theatre Studies

Being on a Drama course means that almost every assessment is group-based

Josh, BSc Animal Behaviour and Biology

The falconry was advertised on the approved placement section of the Work Based Learning Moodle site.

Chloe, BSc Biology and Psychology

The CDA (Chester Difference Awards) celebration evening was a very special night!

Alex, BA Photography and Fine Art

After 3 years I've finally completed uni and can proudly say I have two pieces in the final degree show exhibition.

Becci, BSc Criminology


I never thought that I would even get to University

Stevie, BSc Animal Behaviour and Welfare

My trip to Egypt in May this year was not only educational but inspiring!

Anna, BA English Language and Creative Writing

Being at Chester has changed my life in so many ways

Sam, BA Product Design


This is me at the 2nd year Art and Design exhibition at the Forum Shopping Centre

Aria, BA Archaeology


The university provides students with hands on experiences, like the artefact lab analysis opportunity shown in the photo.

Holly, BA English Language and Literature

I'm incredibly glad that I came to the University of Chester.

Amy, BA International Business Management


- Private group -

Being near the end of my year-long Academic Exchange at Disney was bittersweet.

Alannah, BSc Geography


I couldn’t have been more lucky!

Megan, BA Photography


The end of year exhibition has been an amazing opportunity

Jess, MSc Biomedical Science

I have really enjoyed studying MSc Biomedical Science at Chester this year!

Nicholas, BSc Natural Hazard Management and Geography

Beside on the job skills working with the tools, I have also built upon my teamwork skills by integrating with a small established team

Rebecka, BA Film Studies and Television Production

Warrington Campus is an amazing University with just as amazing people making you feel welcome and like home.

Charlotte, BA International Business Management and Marketing


- Private group -

I’ve had the most amazing year and would recommend a placement year to anyone!

Conrad, BA Events Management and Television Production

The University of Chester offers so many opportunities to get involved in activities outside of academic studies.

Maddie, BA Theology and Religious Studies

After 3 years of studying Theology and Religious Studies, the class wanted to celebrate.

Picha, MSc Food Science and Innovation

I always walk around Chester every day.

Sophie, MA Theology


The sun shining over the meadows down at the River Dee provides me a perfect escape

Georgia, BA Religious Studies

Once you come to Chester you never ever want to leave.

Victoria, BA Sport and Exercise Sciences and German

It was the first time celebrating my birthday at University

Steveen, BA International Relations and Sociology

The past three years have been so amazing, I have enjoyed them so much.

Millie, BSc Animal Behaviour and Welfare

This is one of my favourite photos from my work experience placement.

Emma, BA Drama and Theatre Studies

I'd never studied it before but the lecturers were so supportive

Roy, BSc Animal Behaviour and Welfare

I was attending a field trip as part of my experiential learning module

Alice, BA Events Management and Business Management


- Private group -

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to study abroad through the University of Chester

Ramazan, BSc Biology


Although we may have some cold cloudy days, when the sun comes out in Chester, the city comes to life.

Beth, BA Musical Theatre Performance

I feel so lucky and privileged to be studying where I am!

Celsie, MSc Obesity and Weight Management

So many people told me not to do my masters degree in the same uni as my undergrad, but I obviously had to ignore them.

Hannah, BA Fine Art


The trip to New York with the University of Chester was an amazing experience!

Laura, BSc Bioveterinary Science

I have just finished the 2nd year of Bioveterinary Science, and I am looking to continue onto veterinary medicine.

Becky, BSc Psychology


I'm a 3rd year Psychology student who took up Quidditch in my second year.

Ifeanyi, MSc Public Health Nutrition

It was on a Sunday morning, the 18th of March 2018 after my MSc graduation.

Becca, BSc Geography


Hey, I'm Becca, and I have just finished my third and final year of University.

Lottie, BSc Animal Behaviour

Before I came to University, I hadn't really heard of squash, let alone played it!

Patricia, MSc Sports Sciences


- Private group -

After receiving a bachelor's degree in the Netherlands, I wanted to go abroad for a master's course in Sports Sciences.

Elouise, BSc Forensic Biology

First time moving away from home is the scariest, but moving to Chester made it feel like a home away from home

Tom, BSc Sports and Coaching

This picture is of me and my trophy for winning the CSU Warrington Charity Award.

Jess, BA Archaeology


This picture is me about to submit my dissertation, after 3 of the most rewarding and life changing years at Chester I completed my degree in Archaeology.

Leah, BSc Natural Hazard Management and Geography

Starting university was so exciting, but like all students it meant leaving some things behind.

Kyle, BA Business Management

There’s no such thing as the perfect university experience.

Jess, BA Dance


This photo was taken to add to my portfolio, to help start my career as a dancer.

Sian, BSc Nutrition and Dietetics

Running a 1/2 marathon has been on my bucket list for so long, I finally got to tick it off the list after completing the Chester Half Marathon in April 2018!

Sapir, BA Television Production

These 3 years have been an incredible experience and I won't forget all the things I have learned throughout my time here.

Caitlin, BSc Psychology


A year abroad is something I have wanted to do since I was about 16. I knew I had to choose a uni that offered one.