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Callum's Story

Two years ago I never would have believed that I’d be taking part in the UK Games Fund’s Tranzfuser competition (, along with the rest of the UK's leading talent in Games Development with the aim of starting our own company, but we are! I am very grateful to be at a university with peers and mentors that both encourage and support experiences, such as Tranzfuser, that are crucial for our future in the industry.

Myself and 5 others from the above year have been hard at work over the past 11 weeks at Thornton Science Park creating a playable demo of our game, The Clockwork Rogues, that we’re going to take to September's EGX convention. We're going to show our game to the public and, more importantly, potential publishers/investors! We’ve been given full access to all the facilities at Thornton, almost re-purposing a computer lab into our own office for the summer! You can keep up with our developments by following us on twitter @NebulaGames_ or searching #TheClockworkRogues.

We’re also encouraged to take part in lots of game jams, events where teams get together to create a game in just a couple of days. These are fantastic opportunities to learn something new, whether it be technical or as being part of a team, and usually lead to a game that we can be proud of (you can find a couple of mine at

I’ve also started the Games Development Society, where last year we managed to raise over £200 for charity during Special Effect’s GameBlast18 event!