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Lauren's Story

When you ‘meet’ your favourite behaviourist, B.F. Skinner, because who doesn’t love a good bit of positive reinforcement while working this summer.

I took this photo just after finishing my undergraduate degree (BSc Psychology with Criminology).

I was working in a government-funded programme, that aimed to shape disadvantaged young people’s lives for the better. I counselled and mentored young people from all different backgrounds, including those that suffered from: abuse, neglect, mental health issues, disabilities, parental difficulties, economic struggles, drugs, and substance abuse.

Growing up with a similar background, I knew I always wanted to channel all my difficulties I endured earlier in life into something positive and psychology taught me to not only to love myself but also help others to love themselves too.

The mind is a complex structure that is also very delicate; I’ve seen so many people, even my friends and family, struggle from psychological issues and my degree has given me the tools and knowledge to really make an impact on people’s lives.

The picture above is me “posing” with a picture of a very well-known psychologist. So when I saw this picture while working this summer, it was actually a humorous yet pleasant reminder of the journey I had been on to get to the end of my degree however also the beginning of my career as a psychologist.