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Peter's Story

After three years of studying BA Sports Journalism at the University of Chester based on the Warrington Campus, I am both proud and relieved to have finished with a First Class Honours degree - it has to go down as my proudest moment in life to date.

Receiving support from my lecturers throughout my time of study, particularly in the third year was vital in keeping me motivated and ready to push myself further and achieve my goals. 

My final year on the programme in Warrington offered a platform to work in groups with a football club over several months, and that project has put me in good stead as I now look for a paid job in industry. I was able to learn new skills in written, audio and video form as well as developing those already in my skill set. 

I feel that I am in a much better position in terms of journalistic experience because of the opportunities handed to me on the BA Sports Journalism programme. I currently have a voluntary job in media at a football club that was offered to me after a senior member of staff had seen work I produced from the football club based project in third year.