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Katy's Story

Choosing the University of Chester for me was easy, the campus was amazing, the city even more so, but what really appealed to me was the opportunity to go out and seize the opportunity that the Work Based Learning module provided me with. 

I took this opportunity with both hands to look into an industry that appealed to me but I didn't know much about, advertising. With the guidance and support from my WBL supervisor I was able to secure a placement at a global advertising agency. From this, the 5 week placement flew by giving me a real taste of what it would be like to be a planner and strategist in the industry. I was then given the opportunity from the company to continue on a part-time, temporary basis over the summer! The potential to earn money in a field I loved was priceless, not only that but I was able to receive some outstanding references as a consequence. 

Fast forward almost 12 months and I'm back at the same company working full-time, doing something I truly love. A combination of the opportunity provided by WBL and hard work on my part has allowed me to not only start my career straight after uni but also to progress in an industry I would never have even thought about without pursuing my degree.