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The information published on this page shows:

  • The number of students who attained a particular degree or other academic award, or a particular level of such an award, on completion of their course with us.

It shows these numbers by reference to:

  • The gender of the individuals to which they relate
  • Their ethnicity
  • Their socioeconomic background

This data, which all universities are required to publish by the Office for Students, highlights issues which are of interest to the Higher Education sector as a whole and which the University of Chester is helping to address in its Access and Participation Plan.

The University’s Access and Participation Plan sets out detailed measures by which the University is addressing locally issues of differential access and attainment in the higher education sector.

For more information visit the University’s Access and Participation plan page.

Table 1a: Percentage of classified first degrees at grade 2:1 or above by characteristic for 2020-21 qualifiers

Characteristic Characteristic split Percentage
Ethnicity BAME 72%
White 82%
EIMD 2019 quintile 1 and 2 76%
3 to 5 84%
Gender Female 81%
Male 80%
Other N


N/A Not applicable as there is no provision in the given mode or level
N 24 or fewer students in this population
DP Data suppressed for data protection reasons

Table 1b provides further detailed information on classifications awarded by characteristics for 2020-21 qualifiers and is included in the download below.


The tables are also available in xlsx format.