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How  the University of Chester receives its funding

  Funding Council Grants £15,349,137
  Tuition Fees & Support Grants £72,535,589
  Research Grants £801,345
  Other Income £15,662,745
  Interest Receivable £115,547

The majority of funding is received for teaching activities, with Funding Council Grants being the government's contribution to teaching costs, and tuition fees are received from students and their sponsors.

Other income is received for activities that are not teaching which includes student residences and catering.

How the University of Chester spends its money

  Academic Departments £42,663,283
  Academic Services £6,836,399
  Administration & Central Services £15,675,287
  Premises £13,619,318
  Residence & Catering Operations £5,236,030
  Research Grants £343,289
  Other expenditure £10,905,860

The University spends its money on the running of academic departments, academic support (including library and IT services), administration as well as developing and maintaining the campuses and providing student accommodation.