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The Quality and Standards Manual may be regarded as binding upon all provision leading to University of Chester awards (and that leading to awards of certain other bodies).

For more information on assessment regulations please refer to Registry Services.

This Manual is updated annually by Academic Quality and Standards in the light of amendments approved by Senate (in the case of the Principles and Regulations; see documents below) and by Academic Quality and Enhancement Committee (in the case of the Handbooks).

Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic has continued to have an impact on staff and students, the University has not ceased to operate at any point; work has been undertaken to ensure the continued delivery of quality learning, teaching and assessment and the maintenance of rigorous academic standards.

The University has not implemented an emergency set of regulations. As far as possible, the provisions set out in the Principles and Regulations and the Quality and Standards Manual have continued to apply. Minor variations are set out in the documents available on this page. At all times, where changes to normal procedures have been required, the University has acted to ensure that no student is academically disadvantaged. 

The details of the variations and additions that were made to the University’s regulatory framework for academic year 2019-20 are available here