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What is culture shock?

Culture shock is a feeling of disorientation a person may feel when they find themselves in an unfamiliar surrounding (place/culture).  

Stage 1: Honeymoon

The person may feel excited by their new surroundings and eager to explore

Stage 2: Anxiety

After a little while, this feeling of excitement may fade. The person may feel unsettled and start to miss their family and friends, wishing they were back home. This may turn into frustration and anger towards their new surroundings. The person may start to isolate themselves from their new surroundings.

Stage 3/4: Adjustment & Acceptance

Eventually these uneasy feelings change and the person adjusts to their new environment. They will start to feel better and accept/embrace the difference.

Tips to deal with culture shock

  • Telephone/skype home! Take some time in your day to speak to your friends, family and loved ones back at home. We bet they can’t wait to hear about your time in Chester!  
  • Take time out and do something fun – but try not to isolate yourself in your room watching TV! Take a walk around the Walls, grab a coffee with a friend, play your favourite sport.

  • Join a Student Union Club or Society – there is one for everyone.

  • Tell someone how you’re feeling. Talk to your UK friends, Tutors or a member of support staff. We are always hear to listen!

Remember, culture shock and the feelings described above are very normal for anyone to experience in a new culture!

Our Student Futures team are always on hand to provide students with support during their time at University of Chester.