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"I’m excited about moving forward with the Citizen Student Strategy and the opportunities we can create for our students. Our goal is that each of our students is ready to navigate and engage confidently with change."

— Eleanor Lewis, Chester SU President

Continuing to build on our strengths and connections, our new Citizen Student strategy will focus on three priorities to ensure that our students Get What Counts from their university experience. 

  1. Building social capital

    We want to empower our students not just to establish a career, but to become purposeful, engaged citizens with the confidence to act for a more sustainable future in an increasingly uncertain world. To achieve this, we will ensure that students and graduates have opportunities to contribute to their communities, providing the skills, expertise and connections that will allow them to navigate constant change.

  2. Holistic student experience

    We want our students to have a strong feeling of belonging at the University of Chester, and we will support them beyond the classroom, from pre-arrival through to career success. We will empower students from all backgrounds to succeed and to bring their diverse backgrounds and perspectives into all aspects of University life.

  3. Lifelong learning

    Flexible and personalised learning, particularly for adult learners, is essential. In response, we will establish professional centres to support careers including Nursing, Business and Teaching. Across all subjects, we will ensure that students get access to the research process from year one, through membership of research clusters, to ensure that research and knowledge exchange opportunities are available to all.