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Welcome to the University of Chester, and to our look back at the 2019/20 academic year. Please have a read of our Annual Review to find out about some of our key achievements and the things we’re proud of, and hear more from our students across these web pages.

(Please note that the case study videos included as part of this Review have had to be filmed from contributors’ homes due to COVID-19 lockdown)

A welcome from our Vice Chancellor, Professor Eunice Simmons:

An introduction from our Chancellor, Gyles Brandreth

I have never been prouder to be Chancellor of the University of Chester. There is no hiding from the fact that COVID-19, in so many ways, defined the 2019/20 academic year. We have all had to do our best during the pandemic, adapting to the physical restrictions that it has brought on us. That is why I have found it particularly inspiring to see the way that our staff and students have not let our current situation define them entirely. This Review is full of examples of people going above and beyond during the last academic year, to create and seize opportunities to shape their futures. Times like these really do highlight the importance and relevance of universities to our societies and economies. Whether it be research that improves (and saves) lives, individual connections with (and within) communities, or bringing together different groups and views to improve understanding, here at the University of Chester we have had plenty to celebrate this year.