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You are strongly encouraged to be in touch informally with the department prior to application to discuss aspects of appropriate supervision expertise and help you with aspects of this proposal. Enquiries can be made directly to staff by sending email to

As part of the application process, the Department requests a more detailed project proposal to better assess the application. Please follow the guidance below to create a project proposal. 

In the document, you must include:

  • Applicant Name
  • Intended Target Award
  • Proposed Project Title

The project proposal must include all of the following:

  1. Short Title of Project and Lay Summary of the Project - approximately 250 words
  2. Detailed Project Description – approximately 2500 words in length (and no more than 3000) to include:
    1. Introduction, which should include:
      1. How the proposal will make an original contribution to knowledge
      2. A short critical analysis of the existing literature on the proposed field of research
      3. Theoretical background upon which the project is based
    2. Rationale and aims of the project
    3. Proposed methodology, key sources identified and likely analytical tools/methods
    4. A basic project timetable, showing the major phases of the project

Please send this project proposal document to:

Once your proposal is ready, please follow the next steps to applying for a PhD programme on How to Apply.