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I think of my artworks as poems written with objects.

In my current practice, I make installations of small-scale assemblages using archival material and objects found in nature. I’m interested in expressing quiet moments of memory and touch in the simple materiality and placement of archival and hand-made objects. Understanding how a sense of place materialises through the process of making and curating objects is central to my creativity. The artworks are an articulation of my personal journey through this sensory process and present a poetic narrative brought about through the embodied experience of being in the landscape and my tacit knowledge as a maker.

My engagement with place begins with walking, its gentle rhythm has a meditative quality that brings meaning through a growing familiarity with the landscape. Walking connects me to the physical and affective qualities of my chosen location, as well as to the local rural traditions and associated folklore of others who have travelled these paths before me.

Whilst walking I collect materials, holding them in my hands or gathering them in armfuls before placing them carefully amongst the objects in the studio. Temporal acts of touching, holding, sorting, and placing embed a sense of presence and a poetic understanding of my materials. Touch provides a direct sensory experience and brings about a bodily connection that can be felt on an emotional level. The ability of a leaf, stone or twig to become a holding place for memory, is a potent idea and an important consideration in my practice.

In the studio I work intuitively, noticing how objects resonate and correspond with each other while allowing the materials to guide the process. The resulting artworks contain the anthropological remains of utility and purpose suggestive of hidden meanings or forgotten uses. I use both traditional and improvised skills, whichever feels appropriate. These processes are deliberately slow as I am interested in how repetition or using multiples allows the artwork to shift and develop over time.

Within the gallery, the careful placement of objects balances material qualities with metaphorical associations and communicates an emotional resonance, holding the viewer with a quiet, poetic sense of place.