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‘Soft not subtle’ - 2020

Exploring the balance between object and painted surfaces, my practice has evolved through delving into contemporary painting and sculpture to explore where their boundaries overlap. This collection of soft and supple sculptures, as though left in an almost discarded manner was arrived at through the complex working and reworking of worn fabrics and canvas. In this work the surface becomes important as it is defined by its folds, layers and creases. With bindings of thread and string pulled tight, these pieces are decorated with gently tied knots and hanging unaltered threads, this reference to wrapping gives the sense of care and attention given to the perhaps beloved bundles. Handling and movement are suggested through this arrangement as they sit together as a collection, as though somehow waiting or abandoned. The pieces, appear to be concealed to purposely hide the internal structure or skeleton, existing only through their outwardly curious forms left for observation.

The smaller collection of bundles is presented more carefully, suggesting that they carry more value than the scattered floor pieces. Paint engages directly with the space and is used as a visible protective border, but also as a mode of defacement. This haphazard application of the paint which is also found on the surface of the wrappings suggests there is a hidden agenda behind this arrangement. This ambiguity creates tension by leaving these questions unanswered. In addition to the soft sculptures, the series of paintings are reminiscent of the sculptures themselves.

The spontaneous brush marks and more thoughtfully planned forms play with perspective and yet display an awkwardness that has come from intuitively drawing over the 2D objects, leaving scuffs and marks similar to the surface of the sculptures. My work sits on the boundary of completion and questions intentionality with the interruption of paint, by aiming to find the balance between the beautiful and the unintentionally ugly. Saccharine fleshy pinks are paired with grubby marks and stains, possibly made by the previous owner; which introduces a contrast between a visual softness and the unrefined. By emphasizing tactility, aesthetics and materiality, my aim is to increase the dynamic between the viewer and myself by embodying an experience and investigating the duality of visual softness and the unrefined that is developed through different interpretations.