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I place an object in the woods and sit with it a while. Focus on the object soon dissipates and an awareness of yourself and your place in that environment takes over. I sit and I think, I realise it is human nature to impose oneself on a natural environment………. I am not bored!

An exponential growth and reliance on technology in our everyday lives means we are spending more time experiencing the world, socializing, forming opinions and interacting with each other in the virtual realm. The work I produce looks to capture the quirks and wonder of the ordinary and mundane.

An object, situation or experience often suggests its own potentiality. By including playful intention into everyday actions I can introduce absurdity and humour to my practice. These moments are instinctive, but by trying to understand them one can begin to form an awareness of self and the world around us.

Within my practice I aim to counteract the virtual through physical interactions with materials, people and places. Paradoxically, I often revert to using digital media, video, photography and audio to record and document these real “physical” experiences, with a consciousness of irony and with the intention of highlighting the ubiquitous takeover of technology and the loss of real experience.

Through passive acceptance we have allowed the integration of technology into our lives and in the process, we have reduced our opportunities to be ‘unplugged’ from the world, with little consideration on the long-term effects. My practice allows me to step out of the digital bombardment of daily life and experience the sensations of the mundane. Stripping away complexity permits an awareness of the mundane and opens infinite creative possibilities.

Memories are blurred by time and space; placing importance on capturing these moments of experience with digital media effects the experience itself therefore distorting the memory as it is happening.

As I sit in the woods or bounce on a trampoline I am in the moment of that action. The camera recording me is forgotten and making ‘art’ becomes secondary. The actions and movements are instinctive, making art is often premeditated and can be affected by learned historical references to what art should be. The intuitive action of doing or making allows me to return to a pre-digital time of play and the physical experience of childhood.

…………. I am not bored!