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My time at the University has taught me how to work in real-world working environments, to take the initiative and take ownership of my own work in a way that I’ve never experienced before.
Ben Atkinson

How does it feel getting a job even before graduation, and what's your expectations from now on?

It feels amazing. Knowing that I have a job waiting for me following the completion of my course here at Chester has given me a huge confidence boost and motivates me to do my upmost best in my final year and enjoy my final months at university without the uncertainty of if I’ll find employment for September.

Could you tell us a few things about your post?

My position is with BAE Systems who are a British company involved in the development of civil and military aerospace systems and a wide range of military products. Its notable current works involve the UK’s nuclear submarine program as well as development of a sixth-generation fighter aircraft. My role as an electronic systems engineer is multi-disciplinary and involves integrating systems into a finished product that meets customer requirement as well as testing, qualification, and acceptance, as well as also supporting products during their lifecycle with the customer. I’m really looking forward to starting work as this role will give me the opportunity to work at the forefront of new technology and make a positive contribution to society.

How did your degree at the University of Chester prepare you for your new role?

I believe my degree has prepared me for this role thanks largely to its wide breadth of physics that is covered in the course as well as the comprehensive selection of optional modules to choose from in the final year. The course has pushed my knowledge and encouraged me to seek further understanding and go beyond what is required. Furthermore, the course includes a selection of business-focused modules that introduce necessary business and ethics skills required when entering into the workplace. The university also offers chances to develop skills outside of the lecture halls, I did this through organising seminars with lecturers and industry leaders through the Physics Student Seminar Series.

What do you feel are the top transferable skills that you will be using in your new role after graduation?

I think that my time at Chester has taught me a great number of skills, but definitely some of the top transferable skills relevant to my position include presentation skills, project management skills, an understanding of engineering ethics, and a general ability for problem solving. More generally however, my time at university has taught me how to work in real-world working environments, to take the initiative and take ownership of my own work in a way that I’ve never experienced before.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with us about your time at Chester?

My time at Chester has been an amazing experience. With the disruption caused to my first year by Covid-19 it has certainly been a rollercoaster three years. My time at Chester has rounded me into a more complete person and has prepared me for my career thanks to the support of lecturers, the societies on offer at the university, and more generally the experience of moving away from home to such an amazing city.