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Our department boasts expertise in conservation genetics, population and landscape ecology, conservation policy and marine ecology. Our focus lies in combining these areas of research to inform the conservation of species, ecosystems and landscapes. We have projects around the globe, including Europe, the Caribbean, South East Asia, West Africa and South America. However, we also maintain a local focus with conservation projects in Cheshire and North Wales as well as other locations in the UK and Ireland. Another focus of our research is cross-disciplinary projects with the other main research areas in the department where possible. Current research projects in the department include:

  • Population dynamics of pelagic thresher sharks & elasmobranch ecotourism in the Philippines
  • Community composition of mangrove forests in the Philippines
  • Population dynamics of large ungulates
  • Conservation of the Grenada Dove (PhD student)
  • Dry forest conservation in the Caribbean
  • Understanding habitat relationships and distributions using spatial models
  • Population genetics of marine organisms
  • Causal inference in ecology and conservation
  • Monitoring of endangered primate populations in Ghana
  • Molecular techniques in conservation genetics
  • Conservation grazing management for amphibians