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Posted by Lindsey Cheers , HE Adviser
October 31, 2019

There's More to Halloween...

In the lead up to the 31st October this week, we’ve been talking to our academics about all things Halloween. From horror films, monsters and witches, to the truth about why we love to be scared, they’ve shown us a side to Halloween we haven't seen before.

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Science of Love
Posted by Dr Liz Whelen , Undergraduate Programme Leader
February 13, 2019

An Expert Explains ... The Science of Love

Psychology Programme Leader and Health Psychologist, Dr Liz Whelen, breaks down the science of love. 

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Dr Christopher Lewis at his harpsichord
Posted by Dr Christopher D. Lewis , Lecturer in Music
December 19, 2018

An Expert Explains… Handel's Messiah: A Christmas Tradition

Christmas is associated with so many different kinds of music, but for many, there is one work that towers above all others – Handel’s Mess

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Posted by Prof Darren Sproston , Director of School of Arts & Media
December 17, 2018

An Expert Explains... What Makes Christmas Music ‘Christmassy’?

There’s no doubt that music has an enormous impact on what makes the festive season festive. But what are the characteristics which make this music Christmassy?

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Peter Gaunt
Posted by Prof Peter Gaunt , Professor of History
December 13, 2018

An Expert Explains… The Myth that Cromwell Abolished Christmas

It is a common myth that Cromwell abolished Christmas, but it is based on a misunderstanding. It was the devoutly religious and parliamentarian party, working through the elected parliament, which during the 1640s clamped down on the celebration of Christmas and other saints' days.

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Posted by Dr Lindsay Murray , Senior Lecturer
December 12, 2018

An Expert Explains … Rudolph the Vulnerable Reindeer

Christmas tradition depicts Santa Claus flying through the night sky on Christmas Eve in his parcel-laden sleigh pulled by a herd of reindeer.  Now, neither humans nor reindeer – nor indeed sleighs

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Christmas tree
Posted by Dr Paul Flanagan , Senior Lecturer in English Language
December 5, 2018

An Expert Explains ... The Origins of Christmas Words

The word Christmas came into English shortly after the Norman conquest, and grew out of the festival then referred to as ‘Christ’s mass’: the Christian tradition of taking holy communion/

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Hoole Christmas lights
Posted by Dr Julia Bennett , Senior Lecturer, Sociology
December 5, 2018

An Expert Explains ... The Sociology of Christmas Spirit

Hoole, a suburb a mile north of Chester Cross, was lit up for the nineteenth year in a row on Saturday 24th November.

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