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Posted by Vicky Griffiths , HE Adviser
December 9, 2016

Your Application Checklist

You should be aware by now that the deadline for sending your application to UCAS is Sunday 15th January 2017.  If you haven’t already done it, this gives you roughly 5 weeks to get it all sorted. Putting your application together for university has several elements to it, so it’s important that you give yourself enough time to get it all done to a standard that you’re happy with.

Posted by Vicky Griffiths , HE Adviser
December 8, 2016

The Why, What, How and Where of studying Business or Management

If you’re thinking about studying a Business or Management related degree, there are a lot of options available to you. To make sure you pick the right one, take a look at our useful tips.

Posted by Vicky Griffiths , HE Adviser
November 28, 2016

Digital Photography: looking behind the lens

Digital Photography is a dynamic medium within the creative industry and one of the most dominant forces in shaping and defining contemporary society. As a Digital Photography student, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your practical skills, whilst gaining an understanding of relevant theory to prepare you for work in the photographic industry. To find out more about Digital Photography at the University of Chester, take a look at our interview with Programme Leader Mike Pumford.

Posted by Vicky Griffiths , HE Adviser
November 24, 2016

From a bouncing dog to a talking carrot

You know it’s nearly Christmas when the festive ad battle kicks off, and this year it’s been even more competitive than ever. From star-studded casts and gargling grandmothers, to anthropomorphic carrots and a bouncing boxer; brands really have pulled out all the stops to stand out this Christmas.

Jack Mason
Posted by Jack Mason , HE Adviser
November 24, 2016

Chester Students' Union

When picking a University you will want to find out a number of things. Is the course right? What is the city like? Is the night life good? But do you ever stop to ask what the Students' Union is like?

Posted by Vicky Griffiths , HE Adviser
November 15, 2016

Your home away from home

One of the most exciting and nerve wracking prospects about going to University is the thought of moving out for the first time and making a new home for yourself in a new city. You will probably have loads of questions about where you’ll be living, who with and what the accommodation is like. So to help you get a better idea of what to expect, here’s a brief overview of accommodation at the University of Chester.

Posted by Vicky Griffiths , HE Adviser
November 7, 2016

Broadcast Production and Presenting at Chester

Want to prepare for a career in television and radio and gain experience both in front of and behind the scenes? Then our Broadcast Production and Presenting course might be just what you’re looking for.

Posted by Anna McLachlan , HE Adviser
November 6, 2016

Top tips for interview success

Nearly everyone gets nervous before an interview, but some careful planning and preparation in advance should help you keep calm, confident and well on your way to interview success.

Posted by Vicky Griffiths , HE Adviser
October 21, 2016

Missed our Open Days? You can still visit us

If you’re currently sorting out your UCAS application and university choices, there’s a good chance you’ve been doing the Open Day rounds lately; getting out and about and visiting different universities up and down the country. Visiting in person is definitely the best way to suss out what a university is like and whether it could be for you. However, it can be difficult trying to fit everything in at this time of year!

Posted by Vicky Griffiths , HE Adviser
October 18, 2016

Build your own road to Rio

A degree in Sports Journalism could be your ticket to the biggest sporting events around the world. Which is exactly what happened to current student Oli Osborne, who recently struck gold with a dream internship covering the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro. Take a read through his story to see what he got up to, and discover what a degree in Sports Journalism could mean for you.