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Getting to Know
Cassy Grandidge
Posted by Cassy Grandidge , HE Adviser
February 13, 2019

Getting To Know… Associate Professor Dr Ruth Healey

Associate Professor of Geography and International Development, Dr Ruth Healey, tells us a bit more about a typical day in work, upcoming projects, memorable lessons, and more!

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Posted by Vicky Griffiths , HE Adviser
July 7, 2016

World Population Day: Understanding our planet

With World Population Day taking place, the importance of global population issues has been brought to the forefront. With approximately four births every second, the world’s population is growing at a rapid rate; bringing with it far-reaching implications for generations to come. So what does this mean for our planet?

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Posted by Vicky Griffiths , HE Adviser
April 20, 2016

Chester Geographers get a taste of the Big Apple

As a Geography student at the University of Chester, there are plenty of opportunities to discover the social and physical landscape both here in the UK and overseas.

Not just content with providing a wide range of fieldwork opportunities as part of the course, we also offer optional trips to help you get the most out of your geography experience. So if you’re a geography student wanting to get involved in overseas projects with major companies and charities, then you’re in luck!    

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