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June 4, 2019

Student Stories...Georgia McCole, English Language and Literature student

From a confused A-level student to a driven university student ā€“ My time as a Single Honours English Language and Literature student by Georgia McCole, second year student in the Department of English.

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A cyberpunk landscape
Posted by Dr William Stephenson , Associate Professor, Programme Leader, BA English Literature (Combined Honours).
May 20, 2019

Starships and Ironing: Exploring Science Fiction in English Literature

Our English Literature degree allows you to choose optional modules to suit your interests. One such option is the Level 6 (third year) module Science Fiction, taught by Dr William Stephenson.

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Posted by Dr Clara Neary , Senior Lecturer in English Language, Programme Leader, BA English Language (Combined Honours).
March 20, 2019

World Poetry Day: Celebrating My Favourite Poem

On the occasion of World Poetry Day 2019, Iā€™d like to celebrate one of my favourite poems, ā€œ

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