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  • Jack Mason
    Posted by Jack Mason , HE Adviser
    July 27, 2016

    Introducing Thornton Science Park

    Here at the University of Chester, we understand the importance of having your own course-specific learning environment. In recent years, we have invested heavily in new, state-of-the-art campuses in and around the area. Thornton Science Park is one of our newer sites, having previously been the Shell Technology Centre.

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  • Sarah
    Posted by Sarah Markillie , HE Adviser
    July 15, 2016

    Pokemon Go: Why is the game so popular?

    Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm. So what did we do, grab our smartphones of course and tried to catch as many Pokémon as we could! We soon discovered that there were lots to catch on our Parkgate Road Campus, Riverside Campus and in Chester city centre. For anyone that has made it to level 5 already, you might want to know that our Parkgate Road Campus has two gyms, one at the Binks Building and another at Senate House.

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  • Posted by Vicky Griffiths , HE Adviser
    May 4, 2016

    Make waves with Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Chester

    Imagine a world without computers, mobile telephones, the internet, electricity… that’s where we would be without Electronic and Electrical Engineering (EEE).

    Electronic and Electrical Engineering (EEE) underpins a significant part of modern society, such as computers, mobile telephones, the internet and electricity, and will continue to shape it well in to the future. With this in mind Electronic and Electrical engineers are more important than ever. Take a look through this blog to find out what you can expect as an EEE student at Chester.

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  • Posted by Vicky Griffiths , HE Adviser
    April 18, 2016

    Let's Get Physical - Physical Science at Thornton Science Park

    If you like physics, then we think you’ll enjoy studying in the Department of Natural Sciences where you can take a course in Physics with Materials Science, or follow the Physical Sciences pathway of the Natural Sciences degree. Located at our state-of-the-art Thornton Science Park, where you'll have modern industry-stand

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  • Thornton Science Park labs
    Posted by Vicky Griffiths , HE Adviser
    February 29, 2016

    Bring science to life with Natural Sciences at Chester

    At the University of Chester we believe that the best way to learn is by doing. That’s why as a student studying Natural Sciences, you’ll be given plenty of opportunities to get involved with practical sessions. Whether you’re swapping lectures for labs, or getting priceless industry experience, our fantastic Thornton Science Park makes all this possible.


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  • Picture of students in laboratory
    Posted by Vicky Griffiths , HE Adviser
    February 23, 2016

    Prepare for a future in Chemical Engineering

    As one of the highest paid professions, with opportunities to work in a tremendous range of industries around the world, it’s no wonder Chemical Engineering is such a popular degree option. But, whilst a degree in Chemical Engineering is a fantastic achievement, it may take more than this to get you noticed by potential employers. With this in mind, the Chemical Engineering course at Chester has been designed to equip you with not only the knowledge, but also the hands-on skills and experience employers want.

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  • Posted by Vicky Griffiths , HE Adviser
    February 4, 2016

    Top Five Reasons to Study Mathematics at the University of Chester

    With exciting topics to study at the forefront of mathematics and excellent career prospects, there are many reasons to make Chester your University of choice when it comes to studying Mathematics.

    Take a look at our top five reasons to study Mathematics to find out what you can expect during your degree.      

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