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Business owner Anthony Green, a qualified and registered social worker, has over 20 years’ experience working in health and social care. During this time, he researched diabetic socks on behalf of a family member and discovered that some of the products available were possibly not fit for purpose or of good enough quality to last.

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Image of Anthony Green Headshot
Well Heeled Owner Anthony Green

Anthony set up Well Heeled with the aim of designing and producing a diabetic sock alongside professionals and patients. He wanted to create a product that he was proud of and would be happy to recommend as a health and social care professional.

His company has worked in conjunction with the Royal College of Podiatry, Cheshire-based patient engagement groups and registered podiatrists to create its flagship product. Well Heeled aims to bring products to the market that can help those living with diabetes and other foot related problems, helping avoid complications such as amputations.

Learn a new skillset

Anthony realised that he needed to learn how to run a business. He approached the Business Growth Programme (BGP) as he was looking for someone who would understand his business model, guide him through the process of setting up a company and help him to avoid the pitfalls.

A clear business strategy

Anthony joined the BGP in May 2021 and received one-to-one support which he described as invaluable. He received help with developing his business plan, attended the BGP’s Bootcamp strategy initiative and accessed a small grant.

Anthony said that the support helped him to connect with other businesspeople and expand his network of contacts. The grant enabled him to purchase the equipment and services he needed to get started, and the advice gave him a far greater understanding of his product and business model.

Striding out

Anthony has worked in conjunction with the Royal College of Podiatry to develop his diabetic socks, which he describes as a major achievement for a small, individually run business. He credits the BGP with giving him the confidence to do this, and he is delighted that Well Heeled is now a partner of the Royal College.

Well Heeled launched its flagship product, the ShapedUp diabetic and comfort sock, onto the marketplace in July 2022. The sock has been designed in the UK and made with global partners using sustainable and recyclable yarns. They have comfort ribbing with less restriction, aiding blood circulation and a cushioned sole which helps relieve pressure on the foot and toes.

Now well over a year old, the company has progressed quickly and Anthony is looking forward to seeing it grow. He said: “There are over 7,000 diabetes-related foot amputations in England alone, and if our product can help reduce that number in any way, then Well Heeled is doing what I set out for it to achieve.

“When people can maintain better footcare and avoid further health complications, this can help to lessen the impact on services too.”

To find out more about Well Heeled, please visit their website.

Expert growth support

The Cheshire and Warrington Business Growth Programme is funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Entrepreneurs, SMEs and pre-start businesses registered or trading in Cheshire and Warrington, meeting the eligibility criteria, can apply for support. Help is available from our team of Business Engagement Managers and access is also available to facilities at the University of Chester’s Thornton Science Park, Riverside Innovation Centre and the NoWFOOD Centre.  

See Anthony discuss his business journey through our video case study here

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