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  1. Stay current on Google My Business - this free and easy to use tool allows you to organise and manage your business profile online.  Include your business story, location, contact information and if applicable opening hours to help customers find you online and access your services.
  2. Broaden your digital marketing knowledge by using Google Digital Garage. This online resource is free to use and covers many resources for social media marketing, building a web presence, analytics and search advertising for your business.
  3. Think with Google is a great place to access tools and articles that will help you to understand customer behaviour on a national and international level. Tools for marketers are also available helping you to identify and find your audience online.

  4. Google Trends allows you to discover weekly search insights, you can filter down the area you would like to focus on and see the popular searches that have occurred, this can be done by country, timescale and topic. This powerful tool can be used to further understand customer behaviour. By using trending topics, you could write content for your webpage using key words to remain relevant and drive traffic to your page. 

By Emily Pegg
Business Engagement Manager