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We are all adapting to a new way of life, some of us will find these adjustments harder than others; it is important for all to remember that your mental health is very important and needs looking after just like your physical health.

Here are some of my top tips, here are my 5 top tips of how to support your mental health….

  1. Maintain a regular sleep pattern

    The pressure of getting ready to leave the house to head out to work has now eased somewhat. You should take this time to tune into your natural sleeping pattern, it is however important that you still attempt to go to bed and wake up at roughly the same time each day. This will allow your body the rest it deserves and will prevent your mental health being affected by too much or too little sleep.

    If you are having trouble winding down after working from home you should remove yourself completely from work tasks, read a book, do a jigsaw or imagine that dream holiday you’re going to take once this is all over. Activities like this will help you wind down and help you to relax before bedtime.

  2. Limit News Consumption

    Keeping up with current affairs is highly important at this time, however you should really think about the sources your news is coming from. Try to keep up-to-date with news from a reputable source once or twice a day, if you continuously watch the news it can have a negative impact on your anxiety. Many people would suggest boycotting any news from social media channels, however I am not going to suggest this. I would continue to scroll through your social media platforms and look for the good news stories of the day, these could be published articles or just happy status updates from friends and family. It’s important to remain optimistic so if you have something positive to say post a status yourself, you may bring a smile to others in the process.

  3. Volunteer/Help others

    If you are fit and well, there is no better feeling than helping someone in need. You may not have a lot of time of your hands so this may be just calling an elderly relative, picking up a few extra tins for the food bank during your weekly shop or becoming a pen pal to a resident of a nursing home. If you have time on your hands you could volunteer for a local group or join the NHS volunteers here. Contributing positively to the community not only helps others but boosts your own wellbeing at the same time. In such a win/win situation why not give it a try?

  4. Keep in touch digitally

    Just because we are practicing social distancing this does not mean you have to be less of a social butterfly! Make it a date and set time for yourself and friends to meet virtually for a chat and share a coffee over webcam. This type of social contact is important for everyone’s wellbeing so don’t forget to check-in regularly with your non-techy friends and family by texting and calling them. Introduce Nana to the world of WhatsApp video calling you never know you may get a cheeky GIF back when she gets the gist! It’s important to remember social contact does not have to be face to face and a call will make someone’s day as well as yours.

  5. Keep Active

    Having been limited for times of outdoor exercise I am beginning to feel exhilarated, the air is fresher, my walks are longer and my dog loves it! Once back indoors there are other ways to keep active…clean your home, dance to your favourite tunes, dig out the old exercise DVD’s you have purchased in the past or make use of the online exercise workouts that you can follow.

If you would like any further information on how to look after your wellbeing please visit the Mind website.

Business Development Manager,
Emily Pegg.