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Working from home can be a major challenge for those of us that are not used to working in this way. Business Engagement Manager Emily Pegg shares her top tips on how to remain productive while at home:

  1. Set aside a separate work space
    Working from the couch, no matter how appealing this may seem, is not a good idea and can take a huge toll on your productivity. Try to set up a designated desk space/work area and tell yourself that it is time for work. This will not only help you to remain productive, but also sets out clear boundaries between work and relaxation time in the home.
  2. Dress for work
    This again is all about mind-set. You may not necessarily put on your suit and tie but you should make a conscious effort to get dressed and be at your desk for your usual worktime. You may not have any interaction with a person planned, however it’s still important to remain professional and focused and dressing for work will assist you to do this.
  3. Plan your workday
    Planning your day is crucial in the fight to maintain productivity, this is something you would more than likely do in the office regardless and this should not change just because you are working from home. By planning a few key tasks each day you will remain engaged, you can then prioritise these tasks accordingly. Remember to be adaptable, new tasks could appear at any time  and priorities may shift from day to day.
  4. Take your usual Breaks
    If you have planned your day properly as per the previous point then breaks should be part of your work schedule. Just because you are working from home, it is still important to take regular screen breaks and a lunch break. Taking regular breaks, perhaps for a breath of fresh air in the garden or a stretch away from your computer, can reset your thought process, get your blood flowing and re-energise you for the next part of your working day.
  5. Stay in touch with colleagues
    One of the best things about working in an office is being able to socialise and collaborate with colleagues. You do not have to lose this just because you are now working from home. Stay in touch with regular conference calls, emails and where possible video calls. The focus should be on sharing best practice for working collaboratively while out of the office and focusing on team tasks. However, social calls are just as important and should also be factored into daily tasks where appropriate. 

Although working from home may seem daunting at first this will soon seem like the new normal. Covid-19 may have presented your business with many issues you had never considered before, take these problems and prove how you can thrive. You should try to view this time as an opportunity to review your working practices and evolve them to fit in with our ever-growing virtual working strategies.

Emily Pegg,
Business Engagement Manager