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NoWFOOD staff are able to conduct a wide range of routine testing including food chemical analysis, nutritional analysis, rheology, microbiology and shelf-life testing.


Tests can provide an understanding of the physical and chemical properties of food and drink products and are an important part of regulatory compliance, quality assurance and product development.

Tests offered include:

  • Food chemistry and analysis
  • Food microbiology and shelf-life evaluation
  • Food rheology texture and structure
  • Nanotechnology, allergens, contaminants and authenticity

Microbial / shelf life

Important for your customers’ safety. We offer the UKAS accredited analysis you need to determine your products Best Before/Use by Date. With expert advice on how you can potentially extend/improve your shelf life.

Nutritional analysis

Mandatory information required by Regulation N.1169/2011. We offer UKAS accredited analysis ensuring your product’s meet the mandatory information needed. Our expert food scientists are on hand to help you with advice.

Chemical analysis

Our expert food scientists can help you understand your product’s chemical properties, from Vitamins to minerals to potential contaminates.

Textural analysis

Understand the textural properties of your product and get help with any product redesign that may affect the organoleptic properties.

Access to academia

NoWFOOD is located at the University of Chester's main campus and as such has close ties with the Faculties on site, offering you access to the most cutting-edge research and development.

We can also support bespoke testing or other analytical projects for small, medium or larger companies.