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Sensory suite and lab

Our sensory suite offers an opportunity to obtain feedback on the look and taste of food and drink products and it can provide comparisons with other similar products in the marketplace.

Sensory packages

  • Gold package
  • Silver package
  • Bronze package

Bronze package

Focus group

A sensory panel leader will lead a discussion of 10-15 consumers specifically selected using client’s recruitment criteria. Each focus group will be tailored to what the client would like to explore. Some topics include: concept testing, benchmarking, product development, pricing structure and branding.

Silver package

Consumer testing

Up to 100 panellists representing your specific target market will evaluate your product against market competitors or exploring consumer response to recipe changes.

Gold package

Trained sensory panel

The panel, as a group will score your product on different attributes giving quantitative results. With up to 15 highly trained and specialist panellists who will evaluate appearance, aroma, flavour, texture and aftertaste of the product(s).

The process can be tailor-made, from the analysis of simple consumer questionnaires to utilising an expert panel of taste-testers to provide descriptions of the taste, flavour and texture of products. This bespoke testing provides data and analysis that can help with marketing and ultimately determine the potential success of a product in the market.

If you would like to become a food tester, please register your interest.