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Northwest Human Milk Bank

The Northwest Human Milk Bank is the largest human milk bank in the UK and has processed over 8000 litres of milk since they launched in 2014.

We have grown as a business and NoWFOOD supported us with moving into a more clinical and suitable operations room. The transition was smooth due to the great support from the NoWFOOD team.

Africa Al's Handmade African Sauces

Africa Al’s Handmade African Sauces was founded by budding entrepreneur Alex Anyakwo who teamed up with wife, Lorraine, to create a range of cooking sauces and dips inspired by African flavours.

The Cheshire Garden

The Cheshire Garden is a landscape design practice which offers bespoke design ideas to enable you to transform your dream garden into a reality.


Byotrol is dedicated to improving lives around the world by developing and commercialising market-leading, anti-microbial technologies and products.


Specialising in the production of simple and efficient machines for the purpose of spreading bedding straw, Spread-a-Bale offers a unique operation for a comprehensive range of livestock farmers beef, dairy, sheep, pig and poultry.

Jeffrey's Tonic

Jeffrey’s Tonic is a Cheshire based business specialising in the production of non-alcoholic tonic syrups made from natural herbs and spices, with no artificial colours or flavours.

Chilli Gourmets

Chilli Gourmets is a unique food business specialising in the production of a wide range of chilli peppers, with various levels of spice. All chillies are grown by founder Jane Fern, before being used by Jane to prepare handmade chilli products that enhance the flavour of any meal

Cheshire Digital Skills Academy

Cheshire Digital Skills Academy offers digital training solutions tailored to the specific needs of each of their clients.


BakerRisk is an internationally recognized firm dedicated to helping predict, prevent, and mitigate hazards from explosions, fires, and toxic releases.

EpiValence Limited

Chemicals and how they are safely managed and manufactured is an important process marked with so much emphasis on keeping a green environment for future generations.

Big Heritage

Big Heritage is an award-winning not-for-profit company specialising in heritage and education.

Altimex Ltd and MJ Lighting

A specialist supplier of electronic manufacturing services, Altimex Ltd is experienced, capable and happy to take on one-off bespoke projects as well as large-scale high volume roll outs.

Sweet Nothings Snacks Ltd

With 100 percent natural ingredients, food business Sweet Nothings Snacks Ltd has seen a 100 percent increase in turnover, thanks to a support package which is unique to Cheshire.

Autichem Ltd

Autichem Ltd specialise in designing and manufacturing new equipment and processes for the pharmaceutical, fine chemical and energy sectors.

Maths of the Day

A former teacher has kicked off his business with a major success and support from the Cheshire and Warrington Business Growth Programme.

Blue Sky Bio

When energy-tech entrepreneur Nick Bartlett set up Blue Sky Bio to help create a zero-carbon world, he had no idea the University of Chester would help him grow his business so quickly.

The Literacy Company

The Literacy Company works closely with schools to improve standards in English and to enhance the curriculum.

Just Thai Kitchen

Just Thai Kitchen is a Cheshire based business that specialises in creating authentic Thai ready meals. The company was founded by mother and son duo Nooch and Miles.


MDecon develops innovative solutions to waste management challenges and has been present at Thornton since the opening of the business incubation unit in July 2015.