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We offer a variety of ways for you to engage with our students and graduates to increase awareness of your organisation and to share your knowledge.  You can meet our students face-to-face, or virtually, at one of our networking or careers events, deliver a subject specific training session, be a guest lecturer or by working with them on a work-related project through in-curriculum projects or tasks.

Our sessions are delivered throughout the academic year by workplace role models including industry experts, entrepreneurs, business consultants and coaching professionals, through a mix of interactive workshops, practical sessions and talks.

Meet our students face-to-face, or virtually, by choosing to deliver a careers workshop or presentation or why not attend one of our insight panels or events where you can share your insights and expertise to a subject specific student audience or with our wider community.  There are also opportunities for you to inspire, advise and mentor our aspiring entrepreneurs through workshop delivery or one-to-one support.