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Warrington-based company, Camcoat Performance Coatings Ltd, has high hopes that their link with the Eco-Innovation project at Thornton Science Park will bring its product development rewards.

The company’s core business involves the application of cermets (ceramic/metal composite materials), polymer ceramics and fluoropolymer coatings. These provide enhanced thermal insulation, heat dissipation, lubrication, wear resistance and anti-corrosion properties to all car engine components and full exhaust systems. Another aspect of their business involves the supply and application of coatings for various other sectors including marine, aero, food-safe and pharmaceutical industries.

As an SME located in Warrington, Camcoat Performance Coatings Ltd was eligible for support from the Eco-Innovation Cheshire and Warrington project. Eco-Innovation is focused on bringing together the scientific resources and academic expertise from two universities; the University of Chester and Lancaster University, to deliver an intensive programme of collaborative R&D to support the development and expansion of local businesses.

Camcoat’s Workshop Manager, Nick Adams, will be working in collaboration with Master’s student Hannah Eccleston to investigate the anti-biofouling/bactericidal effects of coatings for application on marine renewable energy converters (MRECs), which for example, converts wave and tidal movements into energy. Antifouling is the ability of certain coatings to remove or prevent the accumulation of bacteria, plants and algae on wetted surfaces.

Nick said: “The main reason Camcoat wanted to get involved with Eco-Innovation is because some of the products we use and manufacture will cross over into unfamiliar sectors. We wanted to gain knowledge and understanding on how we can move this forward.

 “The next stage is to develop selected product(s), and with Hannah working alongside us, it is something we will be able to do.”

Hannah added: “I was excited about joining the Eco-Innovation project as it is an amazing opportunity to work alongside Camcoat Performance Coatings Ltd to help research in the development of new innovative solutions.

“Since graduating from university, I have worked in various scientific roles gaining transferrable laboratory skills, but wanted to pursue academic research further. The Eco-Innovation project is allowing me to complete research for a business-specific purpose that will be beneficial to both the organisation, and the environment.”

Nick added: “The project is a great way of opening doors for us and developing our coatings further.”