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Workplace Experiences are administered by the Employer Engagement Team within Careers and

Employability. The team can be contacted via: T:01244 513066 or E:

Workplace Experiences are an ideal way to attract enthusiastic, highly skilled new recruits from our talented pool of students and graduates, to help to support your business to progress and thrive.

As a greater number of us are adapting to remote working, we appreciate that employers may also be able to reap the benefits of hosting a student or graduate through a virtual experience.  We are now able to offer eligible employers the opportunity to access funding to host a virtual Workplace Experience. Some experiences such as those in a laboratory or an engineering environment, may require students and graduates to attend in person. Host organisations will be required to risk assess all projects and will be expected to adhere to UK Government’s Guidance.

Benefits for your business?

Regardless of how robust your recruitment and selection processes are, sometimes successful candidates may not ‘gel’ with your existing workforce. Hosting a student or graduate therefore enables your business to assess their potential, along with their skills and work ethic, before considering them for employment - potentially reducing the risk of making the wrong choice.

Other benefits:

  • Workplace Experiences provide an opportunity for you to recruit all year round, providing a pipeline for your future employees
  • Connecting with students can bring a fresh, innovative approach to your business and may help you to develop new ideas. Students and graduates can bring knowledge of the latest techniques and technology into your organisation
  • Students and graduates can ease the existing workload of your team, as well as developing the mentoring skills of your current staff
  • You can tailor a project which will benefit your organisation, as well as providing valuable work experience.

You can find further information about available funding, eligibility criteria and ‘next steps’ here.


What are virtual experiences?

Virtual experiences are a series of opportunities to help students and graduates become more employable. Ranging from Employer Projects to Graduate Internships, virtual experiences will help to shape student’s and graduate’s CVs and help them to stand out from the crowd.

Like other remote employees, our students and graduates will work from home or University premises, thereby providing space and equipment savings to you as an employer.  Our students and graduates are able to adapt quickly to remote working and with the right guidance and support will be able to work on specific projects for you at a distance.

How do I know if I am eligible for funding?

We have funding available for organisations with a turnover of less than £50 million and fewer than 250 employees. Funding is available for SMEs, sole traders and partnerships, as well as charities, non-profits and social enterprises. You can find more information about our funding and eligibility criteria here.

What projects are appropriate for a Workplace Experience?

Our students and graduates study a wide range of subjects and develop skills and knowledge that can be attributed to a wide range of sectors.  If you have a project which you feel can be progressed we will be delighted to discuss this with you.  The team can be contacted via: 

T: 01244 513066  



What do I need to consider before hosting a student or graduate?

You will need to identify a project/projects with key deliverables, learning outcomes and deadlines.  

Effective communication during the Workplace Experience will be crucial and may require the use of specific platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Skype if you plan to offer a virtual experience. This information will need to be included in your project brief.

We also ask our employer hosts to identify a member of their existing team who will be available to support the student or graduate throughout, as a buddy, preferably someone other than their line manager if at all possible.

How do I promote my opportunity?

You will be asked to register for a CareerHub account, which is our online portal for employers, students and graduates, and to complete a Workplace Experience Employer Information Form. We will be available to support you throughout the process if required. Our team will advertise your opportunity to our students and graduates for a period of two weeks.  

Click here to find details of your ‘next steps’. Alternatively, for more information you can contact the Employer Engagement Team:

T: 01244 513066 



What is the recruitment process?​​​​​​​

In the interests of equality and diversity, we operate a blind application process at the initial stage.

Applications will be processed by us before we pass them to you. We will remove all identifying information to ensure that applications are assessed purely on content and not on any personal information. Please note we cannot implement this process for Graduate Internships as opportunities are matched to specific graduates participating in Graduate Head Start.

Once you have shortlisted, you will be provided with contact details for your selected interviewees and you will then follow your own recruitment and selection processes before making your final selection.