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Workplace Experiences

Workplace Experiences are administered by the Employer Engagement Team within Careers and Employability.

The team can be contacted via:
T: 01244 513066 or E:

The University has two key Workplace Experiences available to businesses.

Inspiring Futures Project Placement Scholarships

  • SMEs, Charities and non-profits are eligible
  • Suitable for eligible students from under-represented groups only
  • Duration: 216 hours, full-time (maximum 35 hours per week) part-time options are also available
  • Students will be awarded a £2,000 scholarship

Graduate Internships

  • SMEs, charities and non-profits are eligible
  • Graduates will be sourced via our Graduate Head Start Programme
  • Duration: 288 hours, £11.97/hour, 36 hours/week (roughly equates to 8 weeks full-time)
  • Total pay to student is £3,447.36.

Two funding schemes are available (Dependent on the type of organisation)

Scheme A

  • Available for charities, non-profits, very early start-ups and internal University departments.
  • Fully funded by the University

Scheme B

  • Available for all UK SMEs
  • 60% funding paid by the University

Terms and Conditions

  1. You must, as the employer, provide the graduate with a contract of employment, suitable to the length of their Workplace Experience, and they will also need to be added to your payroll system (Graduate Internships only).
  2. For Inspiring Futures Project Placement Scholarships only, current students can work up to a maximum of 15 hours during term time, however they are able to work full-time during vacation periods.

For Graduate Internships, it is your responsibility, as the employer, to submit an invoice to the University’s Finance Department, for funding to be administered, AFTER the student or graduate has been appointed. Funding cannot be released without receipt of an invoice.

The University’s standard payment terms are 30 days following receipt of an invoice.

Next Steps

On receipt of your Expression of Interest Form, a member of the team will be in contact to discuss the next steps.