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Founder of PASS: Kerry O'Hare MSET

During the first lockdown in March 2020 I decided to set up a business delivering study skills online. This is an area I am very experienced in and I have worked within the education sector for over a decade. I decided to put together a business plan and named the business PASS which stands for Proofreading and Study Skills. I then applied to the Santander Entrepreneurship Fund to allow me to develop the business plan and to start marketing the service. The SEF kindly granted me a fund for 2020 and another for 2021. So far, I have created the business cards, social media platforms and the website will be live very soon. The business has attracted a range of clients from different backgrounds studying various courses.


SEF 2020 & 2021

A particular individual client is Lesley Billingsley who is currently studying for her doctorate.


Phone: 07791 842 778


Facebook: PASS Proofreading and Study Skills

LinkedIn: Kerry O'Hare MSET