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Founder: Daniel Barnes, Co-Founder: Lina Tejoprayitno

In the UK, 6 out of 10 people need to wear glasses, however only 50% of them wear them due to the high cost, lengthy delivery time, and the outdated stigma of wearing glasses.

Pop Specs was created to solve these issues. Prescription eyewear is expensive because of the associated operating cost incurred by the high street opticians; hence the average price for a frame and standard non-coated lens could cost at least £150 and take approximately 5 days to make them.

With Pop Specs, customers will be able to get their frame, prescription lenses, and the anti-reflective coating for £35 - £55 in 20 minutes, even cheaper and so much fast than online retailers. Not only that, we will also provide styling advice and fitting service for our customers which online retailers cannot offer.



The winner of 2021 Enterprise Challenge - Graham Shapiro Foundation.




Instagram: pop.specs