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Franceska Shollo - Founder of Stand Out

Stand Out is a brand-new venture that helps to bridge the gap between developers and companies by helping products and services retain the online e-customer. Founded during the lockdown of April 2020 stand out helps companies to innovate by turning their products/services into an interactive social media-filter, game or design by reaching a wider number of e-customers and boosting the brand awareness. The company is still on its first few steps and has recently launched in the Venture Programme organised by Careers and Employability at the University of Chester.



The Venture idea founded and introduced by Franceska Shollo – recent University of Chester graduate was considered innovative and won a funding of £300 by Santander UK along with the West Cheshire and North Wales Chamber of Commerce membership & Industry Chester 12 months' workspace to develop the idea further. Stand out is looking forward to building a team of developers and boosting the social media presence.