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Founder: Liam Boyle

Hi, my name is Liam Boyle, the founder of Vincovits, a vitamin gummy company. I started Vincovits last year because I was taking vitamin supplements and my friends were under the impression that I was wasting my money, so I began to look into what they meant.

My research led to the discovery that there were a few key problems with the vitamin supplements on the market at the moment such as vitamin C gummies being highly acidic and eroding your enamel and also vitamin D gummies diverting calcium from your bones into your arteries, and I knew I could solve them. So, with the help of top food scientists at the NoWFOOD Centre in Chester, I have developed two unique vitamin gummy formulas that give you the vitamins you need, without any of the drawbacks.

If you are looking to increase your vitamin intake, these great-tasting, well formulated vitamin gummies are a really great way of doing so. 

Awards and Achievements

I have won a few awards so far for my efforts with Vincovits including Student of the Year for the North West from Young Enterprise, the Dean’s Award for Performance and I won a pitching competition called the Venture Pitch 2021 where I won £6,000 worth of prizes including 6 months office space in an Innovation Centre.