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We have many established links with local and national employers, professional bodies and organisations, allowing you to network with employers at on-campus events and in workshops and in their workplaces.

Find out what employers want

Want to find out what employers want?

ASK is a programme of employer interaction sessions which take place throughout the academic year. ASK stands for Ask questions, Shape ideas and Kickstart careers.

ASK sessions take the form of either a panel discussion or an employer-led workshop. These sessions aim to be informing, insightful and inspiring.

In ASK panels, up to three employer panellists will discuss their current roles, what a typical day looks like for them, how they got to where they are now and what they look for in applicants.

In ASK workshops, an employer will lead a workshop to either cover a specialist topic to enhance and compliment university learning or run a project workshop that gives students experience of working to industry standards.

ASK sessions, either panels or workshops, help students to be competitive graduates and find out about a role or industry. Some panels and workshops are embedded directly into curriculums.

Find out about employment opportunities?

Want to find out about employment opportunities?

Attend our annual careers fair- Careers Fest!

Come along to:

  • Meet employers and discuss their job opportunities and the skills they are looking for
  • Find out about part-time work, paid internships, sandwich placements and graduate jobs
  • Raise your profile and practice your networking skills
  • Have a professional photograph taken for your LinkedIn profile
  • Have your CV reviewed by a Career Consultant

Whatever your year of study, there’s definitely a reason to attend. Careers Fest is an amazing opportunity to explore a range of options and to consider working somewhere you might never have thought about before.

Current students and graduates can access more information in CareerHub.