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LinkedIn Learning is a leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn and develop skills and competencies across a wide range of areas (e.g. business & professional, digital and technical, creative & software) in order to achieve your personal and professional goals. Explore over 15,000 video tutorials from industry experts and leaders. LinkedIn Learning is available to all University of Chester students for free.

How can LinkedIn Learning help me?

  • Developing your skills and capabilities to get a job – e.g. interview training, presentation skills, giving your elevator pitch, searching and applying to jobs, crafting your professional LinkedIn profile 
  • Developing your digital / IT skills – e.g. PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Teams, and other software
  • Developing key skills needed in your future careers – e.g. Project Management, Working in Teams, Communication, Time Management, other specific technologies
  • Courses to help you and your own wellbeing – e.g. Self-motivation, Wellness, Improving your Focus, Resilience, Stress & Relaxation

Do I need a LinkedIn profile to use LinkedIn Learning?

  • No, but it helps. You can use LinkedIn Learning without having a LinkedIn (networking) profile, but there are several benefits of having both, such as being able to add certificates/badges to your LinkedIn profile when you complete courses.

How long are the courses?

  • Courses do vary but tend to be on average around an hour long. You can pause and come back to it at any time. Every course is made up of smaller video components (usually 3-5 minutes each) – sometimes you don’t need a whole course, and a couple of the quick videos might help you with what you need.

How can I access LinkedIn Learning?

  • Please use this link to take you straight to LinkedIn Learning:
  • You will need to be logged into the universities systems using your university username and password
  •  If you do connect your LinkedIn profile (see above) then you will also need to be logged into LinkedIn