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John Stanley Carr


John Stanley Carr was born on September 15, 1889 in West Derby, Liverpool. His parents were John Carr, a Baker from Scotland, and his mother, Amy Carr (née Holmes), from Liverpool. They lived at 49 Minto Street, in West Derby. On November 3 1889, John was baptised at Christ Church, in Kensington, Liverpool. John Stanley was John and Amy's third son, his brother, Arthur Blair, was born in 1882, and William James was born on May 13, 1884.

Early Life

On October 1, 1897, John Stanley’s sister, Amy, was born and the family moved to 1 Sykes Street, in Everton. Four years later, the four children and their mother moved back to Minto Street, this time living at number 15.

Chester College

John Stanley joined Chester College in 1908 and studied there until 1910. After qualifying as a teacher, he moved back to Liverpool to live with his mother and his siblings at 37 Portelet Road, in Stoneycroft. At the time of the 1911 Census, he was working as a School Teacher for Liverpool Education Council. He was teaching at Gwladys Street School. The first Headteacher of Gwladys was a Yorkshireman called Aked Booth, who also trained at Chester College, and he would have been in charge when John joined the staff.

Military Service

John Stanley joined the 10th (Liverpool Scottish) Battalion King’s Liverpool Regiment as Private John Stanley Carr, with Regimental Number 3653. This was a unit of the Territorial Force with Headquarters on Fraser Street, in Liverpool. They were mobilised for war and proceeded to France on November 2, 1914. A document dated February 1, 1921, detailed when members of the Liverpool Regiment earned their decorations, in this case the ‘Star Roll’ shows that John Stanley disembarked in France on January 23, 1915, and was wounded on August 17, 1915. According to the article in The Collegian, it was reported that he was wounded in the jaw but that he had made a steady recovery. The article also stated that he was being used for recruitment in Bolton. The article goes on to say that John Stanley was then given a commission as Second Lieutenant in the 5th North Lancashire Regiment. This was formed in Bolton in 1915 and then moved to Ashford in Kent the 57th Division, which went to France in February 1917. They were part of the 172nd Infantry Brigade as was the 2/10th Battalion of the King's (Liverpool Regiment) - that is the 2nd Battalion of the Liverpool Scottish.

Lest We Forget

John Stanley was killed in Action on July 31, 1917.

Post Mortem

John Stanley’s name is inscribed on the Menin Gate, Memorial Bay 41 Stone P.