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At the University of Chester, we recognise our responsibility to function with due concern for the environment and to minimise the impact that our activities have on the planet.

We seek to provide varied and diverse menu choices to cater for our entire customer base in the current time of customer awareness and demand.

We endeavour, where possible, to use food suppliers with an ethical approach to foodservice with reduced packaging and box collection services, this can be seen through the use of mainly TUCO nominated suppliers. Where financial constraints allow, we will also attempt to source all of our meat and dairy from ethical sources and will continue to purchase only free-range eggs [and products which use freerange]. We only source our fish from Marine Conservation Society accredited fish stocks. We've adopted the Better Chicken Commitment for all chicken for some of our supply chain. We also like to work closely with local suppliers to help reduce our food miles and support local economies, this has a double edge with quality and our customers are starting to demand this as the norm.

Fresh home cooked food is top of our agenda, and here at the University of Chester Catering Services, we have the capability to offer seasonal menus and change dishes to use the best products in season, which again ensures good flavour profiles and the ability to adjust if seasons run late.

Activities such as collecting herbs grown on campus and apples from the University trees not only work towards more sustainable foods but also energises our team to use the foods they have collected and gives them pride in the dishes they present.

Our Sustainable Food mission is to ensure that the University of Chester leads by example, putting sustainability at the heart of decision making and service delivery.

We at University of Chester are committed to participation in the Sustainable Palm Oil City project in Chester.  By 30th June 2018 we will have worked with suppliers to ensure that where palm oil is present in our food, it will be sourced from sustainable sources. By doing so we know that we are helping to protect wildlife around the world from the impact of unsustainable agricultural practices.