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What is a Foundation Year?

A Foundation Year offers a transition year entry point into university undergraduate studies. At Chester, we offer four-year undergraduate degrees that include a Foundation Year. For example, BA History (including a Foundation Year) or BSc Biomedical Science (including a Foundation Year). You are an undergraduate as soon as you enrol on your four-year degree and are part of the University’s vibrant undergraduate community from day one.

Many different people opt to study for a degree with a Foundation Year. It may be that the subjects taken at school or college are not appropriate for the degree that you would like to study. You may not have accrued the sufficient number of UCAS points to enter directly onto a three-year degree. You may have been out of education for a while and are seeking a transition.

The Benefit of a Foundation Year at Chester

A Foundation Year at Chester provides you with subject-specific curriculum and will enable you to gain confidence in developing university-level skills, as well as understanding academic life and transitioning to the next level of your studies.

Our Foundation Years are designed with your next level of study in mind. We develop our curriculum to ensure there is alignment with the modules and topics that you will study after completing your Foundation Year. Our teaching, learning and assessment methods reflect those that you will experience throughout your degree. In addition, we work closely with University faculties to ensure a smooth transition from your Foundation Year to the next year.

At Chester, you will benefit from being taught in a department with academics that solely teach on Foundation Years. This allows us to create a Foundation Year community that consists of students studying anything from Engineering to the Arts. We have over 70 degrees that include a Foundation Year and we are proud of what our students can achieve whilst they are with us. You will get to know the academics extremely well because they are all based within the Centre for Foundation Studies building in Chester city centre.

Download our mini-guide for more information.