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Your Foundation Year will be structured in the same way as any other year of your undergraduate studies – with modules and credit.

You will study four subject-specific modules and two study skills modules to prepare you for university level study – University Study Skills and then Independent Project.

  • The University Study Skills module is taught for the first half of the academic year and introduces you to the academic protocols required for undergraduate study.
  • The Independent Project module is taught in the second half of the year. For this module you choose a topic related to your degree discipline and use the academic protocols you have learnt to develop an extended academic piece of work.

Each module is worth 20 credits, enabling you to achieve 120 credits in total.

There are six Foundation Year routes that integrate with a large proportion of the University’s undergraduate degree courses. These comprise the following:

Business, Law and Social Sciences Route

Life Sciences Route

Creative Industries and Humanities Route

Engineering and Computing Route

Professional Programmes Route

As a Foundation Year student, you’ll be a part of the undergraduate community and your subject departments from day one. You will have a centre dedicated to your Foundation Year at the Rigg Building, while at the same time being fully integrated into the University with access to the support facilities, such as Student Welfare and the clubs, events and societies that will help make your university experience a rich and enjoyable one.

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