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In the University of Chester’s Mission, Vision and Foundational Values Statement, there is the promise that “At the heart of the University’s vision is an unwavering commitment to ensuring an outstanding student learning experience”.  This learning comes through a combination of academic study, and extra-curricular activity such as engagement with Chaplaincy. 

"Growth is the only evidence of life"

— John Henry Newman

Chaplaincy holds a central place within this learning environment, the University of Chester, and learning is central to our worship and mission.  Here are some of the opportunities the Chaplaincy can offer you:

  • Students and staff meet together on a regular basis to share ideas, learn from one another and socialise together in a relaxed, informal environment;
  • Students can experience different forms of worship to help them grow and develop in their faith and life;
  • There are opportunities to meet with people of different faiths and develop understanding and deepen respect for one another;
  • We organise guest lectures, by prominent academics, clergy and representatives from charities such as Christian Aid, A Rocha, L’Arche etc. to challenge and inform, stimulating discussion and learning.  Past themes have been as diverse as ‘Art and Spirituality’ and ‘'Ephphatha: Be Opened!. Thinking about the way the Bible is used to Enslave and Free people who are Deaf".  We recently held a very stimulating Q&A evening with the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, where a panel of students interviewed him on his views on faith and literature;

If any of the above sounds of interest, please contact us for details of forthcoming events or join us on Facebook or Twitter to see what’s coming up in the near future.