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We see that our own involvement in DiscipleshipCare for Others, and matters of Social Justice and Environmental Stewardship all form part of a broad Proclamation of the Good News of God. 

As such, we are also keen to work alongside those of other faiths and none, to do what we can to establish a world in which peace, fairness and sustainability are a growing reality.


Some of the things we have been involved with in recent years, or on an ongoing basis, are:

  • Christian Aid Week - we have a long-standing relationship with Christian Aid, with visiting speakers regularly helping us to broaden our awareness
  • Fairtrade - Chaplaincy leads the University's Fairtrade steering group to promote and raise awareness of Fairtrade issues in the University
  • Green Impact - we have participated in the University's sustainability initiative seeking to ensure departments operate with environmental-awareness and actively support the University's Go Green Festival
  • Campus Giveaways - this is a simple way of showing kindness and generosity to those we live and work amongst
  • Sponsored Events - many of our community engage in fundraising for various causes, including 'Live Below The Line' to raise money for 'Tearfund'

Furthermore, we also aim to work collaboratively with the Christian Union, CathSoc (the Catholic Society) and I-Soc (the Islamic Society) and are warmly open to working with other groups on the University sites or further afield.