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You feel like you are involved in the up and coming research being carried out by businesses which are based alongside the student body.
Charlie Green

The University of Chester provides a great number of opportunities to expand your learning and employability, so when you graduate, you gain much more than just an academic degree. I myself have already become a STEM Ambassador, Student Academic Representative, Peer Mentor and have completed an ECDL and EYE Training.

Mathematics has been my favourite subject from an early age, and it was always my goal to study it at University. During my time at Chester, I have been exposed to new fields of mathematics which I did not even know existed. Most of which I enjoyed such as Cryptography and Linear Programming, some I didn’t, but all were very interesting.

What most drew me to the Mathematics department was its small scale and structure, in which the lecturers can really get to know individual students and give you the best chance to develop and get the most out of university life.

Having lived in Cheshire for the whole of my life, Chester has been a place I have visited many times both with my family, and via school trips. Being a student has given me the time to explore Chester’s history, culture and people, including some places I would not have visited as a youngster.