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I was undecided between the MSc and MBA, but the lecturers at Chester swung it for me as they were so approachable and didn’t make me feel pressured into choosing Chester. 
Chester Business School

Why Chester: I love the City, it’s approximately 1hr 20 minutes from home and living so rurally it is actually an option as one of our nearest bigger shopping towns. Having done my undergraduate degree at Staffordshire and post grad at Glyndwr, I wanted somewhere with a different, more cosmopolitan feel. I went to a few other universities to speak to them on their open days about the options open to me as I was undecided between the MSc and MBA, but the lecturers at Chester swung it for me as they were so approachable and didn’t make me feel pressured into choosing Chester. 

What do I miss most: It’s very hard to pinpoint what I miss most. I loved the atmosphere on the course. My cohort was so diverse, I really began to wonder how we could all help each other out at the outset as we had such different backgrounds. I’m a nurse and although I've studied at an advanced professional level and have many years management experience I didn’t feel that I would be able to contribute anything to anyone else’s learning experience and vice versa. I was so wrong. In fact, this course made me really look at myself as a professional and helped me understand my weaknesses and discover new strengths. Historically, in interviews, I always stated that ‘communication’ was my strongest attribute but now I realise that actually I wasn’t a very effective communicator at all. 

My biggest challenge: There were many challenges. I have two young children at home so time was always something I would struggle to devote to extra reading. I realised early in that I needed to network with my peers to understand things that were new to me and make the time I studied alone, more effective. I particularly found both the finance and marketing modules to be especially tricky. Having managed budgets in the past but having had strong support from the finance departments I knew that I would struggle, but on my course were a few students from the banking industry who helped out in group discussions and also answered questions from me very patiently. The finance lecturer was still working in the industry and real life scenarios and case studies made it easier to understand the principles. Our marketing tutor was so enthused by his subject that classes would regularly run over without him noticing but I could have listened for hours because that enthusiasm made me really take an interest in the subject and want to do well at it. 

Plans and hopes: Immediately on leaving Chester I accepted a position as part of the management of a large nursing home direct line managing 108 people. My main motivation for accepting this position was its geographical location, the chance to consolidate my new knowledge and the financial package. As Covid-19 hit, it became clear that my family commitments were not compatible with what was expected of me at the nursing home so I left. I currently work as a Tier 1 Contact Tracer for Cheshire and Merseyside Hub, created by Wirral Council. This is a temporary contract with no end date as yet. It is rewarding work and is a high pay grade within the NHS banding system. In the future I hope to be able to obtain a position in a Hospital in an Operational role. I think that having read the job descriptions of these posts, my MBA stands me in an ideal position to fulfil the criteria of my ideal post. 

How Chester helped me achieve: I think that I needed this course to give me insight into my leadership practice and the knowledge I have gained has enabled me to be more measured and confident in my presentation. I knew that managing people was something I was good at but that my lack of knowledge outside nursing made me uncertain that my voice in the workplace was as valid as others. The MBA has given me the integrity that I feel is needed as a manager. My job at the nursing home paid a lot more than my previous position but I applied for it with huge confidence as I left the University of Chester feeling that I could achieve anything I wanted to.