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Chester Medical School is the largest school within the Faculty of Medicine & Life Sciences at the University of Chester.  It has a strong track record in the delivery of a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes including biomedical sciences, biochemistry, pharmacology, microbiology, oncology, haematology, diabetes and orthopaedics.  In addition, it is home of a highly-successful clinical Physician Associate MSc, and a vibrant research community.

Commencing in September 2022, we will also be introducing a 4-year graduate-entry medicine programme leading to the award of a Mb ChB primary medical qualification.  This course will be accredited by the General Medical Council (UK) and graduates will be eligible to apply for provisional registration to practice as doctors in the UK and beyond.

Graduates will be noted for their kindness, scientific knowledge, practical skills and competency.  They will be fit for purpose, meeting the expectations of the public and employers patient centred, and innovative, equipped to make full use of emerging technologies. 

Our medical school is built on the strong founding principles and ethos of the University of Chester,  which include service to the community and compassion, and the education and training of those with a vocation including teachers and healthcare professionals. 

Chester Medical School will be a medical school for and in the community, aligned to the University’s Citizen Student strategy.  The focus will be to learn, stay and contribute locally, developing a sense of place, sensitive to population healthcare needs.

The School will build on the existing successful healthcare programmes in Nursing, Midwifery, Dietetics and Physician Associates, experience in managing clinical placements, and multidisciplinary working.  As a new school, of modest size, we will aim to be agile and respond with pace to the emerging needs of our communities, students and medical workforce employers.