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Chester Medical School’s research facilities are located at Bache Hall, adjacent to the Countess of Chester Hospital. Researchers have access to modern research facilities and equipment, enabling ground-breaking work in medical and life sciences.

Bache Hall has a number of multi-use and specialised laboratories which are well-equipped with general laboratory equipment including, pH meters, weighing equipment, centrifuges, vortex mixers, a sonicator, water baths and heat blocks, in addition to specialist pieces of equipment.

The laboratories provide outstanding facilities for research involving tissue culture, cell imaging, protein analysis, molecular biology, histology and microbiology.  

Tissue Culture

Bache Hall provides access to equipment essential for culturing of mammalian cell lines and stem cells. Our dedicated tissue culture suite houses a number of instruments including biological safety cabinets, cell culture incubators (including a hypoxia incubator) and light microscopes. We also have facilities for the cryopreservation and storage of cultured cells. In addition, we have a state-of-the art fluorescent microscope for cell imaging.

Tissue Culture Facilities, Bache Hall

Protein Analysis

Bache Hall is well-equipped with protein analysis facilities for a range of biochemical applications. We have a wide array of gel electrophoresis and Western blotting equipment, including an automated system for Western assays. The laboratories also contain an automated microplate washer and a microplate reader capable of measuring fluorescence, luminescence and absorbance. Our easy-to-use, benchtop flow cytometer facilitates our research in areas such as immunology, cell and cancer biology.

Protein Analysis facilities, Bache Hall

Molecular Biology

Molecular biology facilities at Bache Hall allow our researchers to understand biological processes at a molecular level. Our laboratories are equipped with specialist scientific equipment, including a microvolume spectrophotometer for quantification of nucleic acids, electrophoresis equipment and gel imaging system for examining DNA, PCR thermocyclers and a real-time PCR system. The PCR laminar flow cabinet allows our researchers to work with RNA and DNA in a safe, contaminant-free environment.

Molecular biology facilities, Bache Hall


The microbiology laboratory provides facilities for the isolation, identification and investigation of microorganisms. We have facilities for growing both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.  Autoclave facilities are available for the preparation and sterilisation of media and disposal of microbiological cultures.

Microbiology facilities

Research Clinic Rooms

At Bache Hall, we have dedicated rooms for individuals on clinical trials or study volunteers taking part in our ethically approved research. Our phlebotomy room, with an adjacent waiting room, provides a private and clean environment for our phlebotomists to collect samples. Research clinic rooms also contain a stadiometer, body composition analyser and spirometer.

Research clinic rooms, Bache Hall

Computer Suite

Bache Hall houses its own computer suite, situated next to our research laboratories. The computer suite provides access to a number of computers with software such as Microsoft Office (including Excel, PowerPoint and Word), Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) and GraphPad software.