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Erasmus+ offers exciting opportunities for UK participants to study, work, volunteer, teach and train abroad in Europe. It is aimed at a variety of people including students, trainees, professors, teachers, trainers, and professionals of organisations active in the education sectors.

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Taking part in the programme helps people develop personally and professionally gaining valuable international experience, broadening horizons, experiencing new cultures and discovering new ways of working. Erasmus+ is of particular benefit to young people who can learn new skills to improve their employability, acquire life skills, and develop their confidence.

Staff, teachers, lecturers and support staff, can explore best practices and gain professional development through teaching or training abroad through Erasmus+.

As a general rule the Erasmus+ programme is open to programme countries which include member states of the European Union as well as non EU programme countries. Other countries can participate in the programme on a limited basis and may participate in certain actions or according to specific conditions, these are known as partner countries.

The UK National Agency is responsible for the management and delivery of the Erasmus+ programme in the UK. Their role is to manage and deliver the decentralised parts of the Erasmus+ programme successfully in order to encourage maximum take-up of the available UK budget and maximum positive impact for the Erasmus+ programme in the UK.

In the UK the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) is the UK National Authority for the Erasmus+ programme. BIS is responsible for overseeing the operation of the Erasmus+ programme in the UK to ensure the UK National Agency complies with programme rules and manages the programme in an effective and efficient way. BIS also oversees the alignment of the programme delivery with UK policies, including those in the Devolved Administrations, Erasmus+ scholarships are for students (Undergraduate, Master, Doctorate, Post-doc), Administrative Staff and Academic Staff from specific countries for studies or work placements in partner Universities. The Erasmus+ grant covers a monthly allowance, a return flight ticket, tuition fees, and insurance costs.

For further information and resources, please visit the Erasmus+ website.